Armenian Courses for Adults

March 10, 2010

Armenian courses for beginners are being held at the AGBU Centre in Toronto since February 2010. Students over 18 years old get together once a week and learn from a highly qualified teacher, Mrs. Rosa Ter Haroutunian.

“All participants, who share a common desire to learn written and spoken Armenian, get together for just 1 hour every week… we learn techniques such as gradual introduction and practice with the new alphabet, listening to music, learning lyrics, conversation, discussions, and also having fun. All these help us in new language acquisition and, judging from the first few weeks of this winter session, it is obvious that all students are fully committed to attending classes and making this a very meaningful and lasting experience.”

“Having not read or written Armenian since Armenian Summer School and Armenian Saturday School which was 27 years ago, the Armenian lessons at AGBU have been very beneficial to me thanks to the knowledge and teaching skills of Rosa Ter Haroutunian.”

Armen Onnig