Sports and Youth

AGBU Toronto offers opportunities to engage in community activities throughout the year. The mission of the Sports and Youth Committee (SYC) is to provide an opportunity for Armenians who value their culture to participate in sporting and social activities and to develop lifelong relationships with peers and the broader AGBU community at large.

Serving the community for generations, the SYC administers local and international athletic tournaments and games for members of all ages, from the Saturday Kids program all the way up to the Senior Veteran divisions. Participants develop confidence, work ethic and commitment to their teammates through practices and games throughout the year.

The SYC also organizes various outings and events in bringing together Armenian youth in Toronto, often joining efforts with AGBU Kids and the Young Professionals of Toronto.

Committee Members:

Hagop Semerdjian, Chair
Vicken Ampagoumian, Vice Chair
Steve Karan, Treasurer
Cassandra Bertucci, Advisor
Garen Hagopian, Advisor
Hagop Imasdounian, Advisor
Sevag Kaladchibachi, Advisor
Aida Knadjian, Advisor
Gary Semerdjian, Advisor
Anashe Shahmirian, Advisor
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