Christmas Reception for Committees

December 22, 2011

Christmas Reception for Toronto AGBU Committee Members

It’s Christmas time in the city is part of a tune often heard this time of year and families around the world get together to share this happy occasion. The Toronto AGBU similarly fêted this joyous season with a wine and cheese reception, on Monday, December the 12th, with its family, the hard-working individuals who make up its many committees.

The Alex Manoogian Cultural Centre was aglow with exquisitely illuminated Christmas adornments throughout as it welcomed members from Armen Ontario, the AGBU Executive Board, the Sports Youth Committee, the Young Professionals, and naturally the Principal and staff of the AGBU Zaroukian School and the school’s Parents’ Council. As the members mingled amongst themselves, an atmosphere of merriment and congeniality reigned.

Speeches were upbeat, positive and kept to a minimum. Kindred spirits seemed united in an effort to perpetuate and implement the mission instilled in the organization by its founder, Boghos Noubar Pasha, that is, to work for the benefit of and to support the Armenian people. And heaps of appreciation were showered upon the Executive Director of the Toronto AGBU, Salpi Der Ghazarian for all her work.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and share the joy we feel when family and friends come together. All those present were reminded that such a splendid occasion to share was coming up at the AGBU New Year’s Eve Gala on December 31st, and everyone was invited!

Isa Basmajian