Exciting Weekend at the AGBU Centre

April 3, 2012

An exciting double-header took place at the AGBU Centre on Friday, March 30th to exhibit the many wonderful programs offered to the youth in our community.

First, we were pleased to have Dan Antreasyan, Assistant Director of AGBU’s Camp Nubar join us from New York for an informative presentation and reunion. The presentation helped future campers and parents alike realize the incredible opportunities offered by Camp Nubar, which is quickly approaching its 50th anniversary. The evening also allowed past campers, counselors and parents reminisce on some of their most cherished memories and enlighten potential campers about the richness of the program and the variety of activities offered. As a special bonus for the Toronto community, Dan presented an incredible group rate for potential campers.

Following the presentation, the Sports & Youth Committee presented an exciting basketball game between our Junior Boys and Girls teams. The game was a thrilling match to say the least; although the girls led throughout most of the game, the boys managed to pull off the victory by a mere 5 points. The audience witnessed a fun game and both teams were happy to participate in a fundraiser which will help them represent Toronto at the AGBU World Games in Los Angeles this summer.

For more information about Camp Nubar or our other great programs, please contact us at (416) 431-2428.