AGBU Toronto Sponsors First Session of AGBU Camp Nairi for the Children of Fallen and Injured Soldiers from Artsakh

June 21, 2021


With contributions of C$ 20,000 from the Chapter

and C$ 18,725 from our Toronto community

                       camp                                       AGBU ACT (Armenians Come Together) initiative organized an event for kids in the village of Yeghegis in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia.

After many years of having children from our local Toronto community attend various youth programs locally and abroad and seeing their lifelong friendships and fond memories become core foundations of their development into young adulthood, AGBU Toronto decided to make a similar, direct positive impact on the children of fallen soldiers of Artsakh.

Located in Hankavan, AGBU Toronto is excited to introduce Camp Nairi which will accommodate 200 campers over two, 2-week sessions. The camp offers recreational activities and learning opportunities. The children will have options to participate in hiking, sports, arts & crafts, theatre and much more. Most notably, there are programs specifically designed to address the trauma and loss these children have recently experienced as a result of the war. We hope by connecting with other peers who have undergone similar experiences, these children will be able to connect, develop friendships and have the opportunity to feel safe to discuss their emotions in a way that they may not have the opportunity to do elsewhere.

THANK YOU to those members of the community who contributed to AGBU Camp Nairi for the children of fallen and injured soldiers from Artsakh. Your support will make it possible for these children personally affected by the war to experience an enriching life by participating in the summer camp in Armenia later this summer.

Thank you for your continued support of AGBU. Thoughtful donations such as yours mean that after months of living in turmoil, these children can enjoy just being children this summer.

For relief efforts and to provide vulnerable children with a safe and fun learning environment, AGBU hopes to offer Camp Nairi annually.

Please feel free to reach out to us at for more information.